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Arkansas Shaped Cutting Board

Arkansas Shaped Cutting Board

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Made from local harvested and dried Black Walnut in the Tulsa,OK area.  This is the core principal of urban harvesting and using what material is available to you.  

All of these pieces are cut from larger slabs of wood to eliminate the need for glue.  Solid slabs avoids the risk of grain lines causing problems in the future.  

This is just one of the first states to become available.  If you have a state you are interested in please reach out and I would be happy to assist you in any way I can. 

First Picture is a finished board from a customer and the 2nd is the blank before oil and engraving.



Each piece is cut from a blank that is 12" x 11", each state is a different shape.  Please understand to keep the ratio of the state, it must increase the width and length at the same time.  So, states that have a lot of curves or oddly shaped will not yield the same surface area. 


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